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Lovey Mary Sun Bonnet

Fabric Bonnets were worn by european as well as overseas women and girls during the second half of the 19th and early 20th Century, providing sun protection on all outdoor activities, be it leisure or work. Suitable for Prairie Bonnets as seen in "Little House on the Prairie".

This pattern is based on an american antique pattern. The name derives from the novel „Lovey Mary“ by Alice Hegan Rice, published in 1903 in the The Century Magazine, so the pattern should be of slightly later date.

One Size.

NPE308    EURO 12.50

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Prairie Dress

Worn by the stalwart women who conquered the 19th century American prairie, this flowing dress was traditionally worn with a practical apron. With or without the apron, mid-calf or ankle length, the dress is feminine and comfortable. Instructions for vintage embroidered finishing touches are included. Picture of finished garment

Sizes (S - M - L) included!

FW201     EURO 17.00

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Romantic Era Blouses

Illustrating the elegant, high-necked styles of the 1880's and 1890's, these blouses are quite an addition to every wardrobe! Overdecorating was a sign of status and wealth during the victorian era and too much lace trim was considered to be not enough. The package includes easy-to-follow instructions for optional crochet lace trim along with five different styles of blouses!

All sizes XS-XXL included!

BB Blouses      EURO 18.00

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Ladie's Outing Jacket

This jacket features a convertible collar, stand up for high-neck or open for tradtional lapel, figure flattering seaming, optional shaped hem and bustle, or split-back and leg-o-mutton sleeves typical for the late 19th century.

All sizes (Bust 76-105 cm =30 1/2" - 42") included!

BB Outing Jacket      EURO 18.00

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Wyoming Ranch Skirt

Propriety during the Victorian era demanded women were never to be seen in anything other than dresses which were long enough to cover the ankle. Both unconventional and entprising, the cowgirls of the Wild West came up with a transitional skirt/pants outfit which was safer and more practical than skirts. Because sitting astride a saddle was considered by some to be unladylike and unhealthy, this ingenious skirt was made with a removable front panel for a skirt effect when not riding. The skirt can be sewn in either of two lenght. The package also included patterns for a matching vest and instructions for sewing with leather.

All sizes XS-XXXL included.

BB Ranch Skirt       EURO 17.00

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Clara's Skirt

A riding skirt featuring the typical style of the crinoline era (about 1850) with a circumferrence of 5,50 to 6,60 m (220 - 265"). Includes plain and split skirt styles (suitable for riding). Wear the skirt with pantaloons and underskirts.!

All sizes (Waist 55 - 103 cm = 22 - 41") enthalten!

BB Clara’s Skirt      EURO 14.00

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Painted Desert Skirt and Blouse

Traditionally associated with Navajo women, we can trace the origins of this skirt and blouse to the forced resettlement of the Navajos to the Bosque Redondo reservation near Fort Sumner, New Mexico, in the 1860s. Introduced to the white man's fashions by the wives and daughters of the of the soldiers, they were given hand-me-downs to replace their worn out clothing.  The package includes patterns and instructions for two blouses and a matching skirt.

Sizes XS - XL (Bust 76 - 105 cm = 30 - 42") included!

BB Desert    EURO 16.00

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Plains Indian Dress

This three hide dress is typical of the Plains Indian Dress worn by the women of many Tribes. It may be decorated with beadwork, quillwork, shells, coins, fur, fringing, ribbon, metal cones and/or trade cloth; for everyday use, it was worn without adornment.

Included are instructions for a "Natural Style" that has the legs and natural edges intact (as shown on the front cover of the pattern - left) and a "Tailored Style" with long sleeve fringe and cut edges.

The pattern features an extensive section on "Working with Leather" and a complete glossary of all of the terms used.

Sizes (US 8-20) included!

PM75     EURO 15.00

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Cherokee Tear Dress

This dress acquires its name from the method of "tearing" out its pieces. Unique to the Cherokee and several other tribes of the Southeast, it is easy to make. Complete, fully-illustrated instructions are included for sewing and finishing, as well as for the decorative ribbon placements. Views

All Sizes included (S-XL)!
MR016     EURO 16.00

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Susans Polonaise

A polonaise is dress with a tight bodice and a short skirt divided in front and looped, or drawn back, over a longer skirt. The polonaise was worn in the 1870’s and 80’s. Typically, the bodice was very full in the rear and is supported by a bustle (included in our pattern). The fit of the bodice should be tight and worn with a corset thus it is necessary to tailor fit during construction over a corset.  For those “loose women” who refuse to wear a corset, the pattern includes a boned version to produce the same smooth silhouette. (Though snug, the polonaise should be loose enough to allow for breathing)

The Polonaise can be made in calico for a casual look or in silk or taffeta for a more formal appearance.  This ensemble was often worn as a wedding dress, made in white silk with lavish trims and beading.  The Polonaise pattern package includes Polonaise, skirt, bustle, and both a high-neck and V-neck versions.

Sizes US 6-24 (Bust 77,5 - 115 cm = 31 - 46") included!

BB Polonaise     EURO 18.00

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Saloon Girl

All the components of the pattern Saloon Girl are separate and can be combined and layered as desired. The bodice is period correct, with the pleats in back designed to accommodate the bustles of the 1880's. The bodice is fairly modest to allow modern foundations to be worn underneath if you desire. You can always lower the neckline and narrow the shoulders for a more revealing look. feel free to substitute a chemise top and corset (pattern #100) for the bodice. It can be made with the 3/4 length sleeves or sleeveless. The drawers, both long and short, are period. The petticoat and the skirts are a circle skirt. The petticoat has 3 layers of gathered lace at both the inside and outside hem. The skirts can be made in a plain circle or gored circle, with or without ruffles. The overskirt with drape front and bustle back are period correct. The cape is 1/2 of a circle skirt. The hat is "costume construction" as most sewers today don't have access to felt hoods and hat blocks. Details

All sizes US 6-26 (Bust 30 1/2-48" = 77,5-122 cm) included!

LM105   EURO 18.00

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Misses Split Skirt, Vest, Jacket and Leggings

This functional riding outfit makes the perfect cowgirl set! Misses split skirt (Ranch skirt) has a total of eight panels with a fall front opening. There is an optional flap to obscure the legs which is attached with buttons. Also included is the pattern for a matching top which can be made as a vest or jacket and buttoned leggings. Details

All sizes US 6-26 (Bust 30 1/2-48" = 77,5-122 cm) included!

LM108    EURO 18.00

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Mantelet Short Cape

Short capes were common from the 1830s on, but reached their height of poularity and decoration in the 1890s. Each pattern package includes two styles.

One size.

BB Cape     EURO 14.00

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El Vaquero

Includes patterns for a complete mexican cowboy's outfit: jacket, vest, pantalones, sash and botas. Comes with instructions for adapting in leather or for ladies.

All Sizes included (Chest 36-60” = 90-150 cm, Waist 28-52” = 70-130 cm)!
BB Vaquero     EURO 19.00

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Detachable Collars

Each package contains patterns and instructions for three different detachable collars. Choose between cattle baron, undertaker and Jede Packung enthält Schnitte und Anleitungen für drei verschiedene gestärkte Kragen: Rinderbaron, Bestatter or banker style! Combine with matching cravat pattern!

Also a wonderful addition for 19th c. street wear of the european gentleman.

All sizes (Neck 36- 43 cm = 14 1/2 - 17") included!

BB Collars       EURO 6.00

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Cravat (Puff Tie)

The package contains patterns and instructions for making and wearing a cravat. Suitable for the second half of the 19th Century.

Also a wonderful addition for 19th c. street wear of the european gentleman.

Suitable for all sizes!

BB Cravat      EURO 6.00

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Saturday Matinée Shirt

This pattern celebrates the western heroes of the Wild West. It recaptures the flamboyance of yesterday's cowboy with 4 bold styles for men and women! Complete instructions and embroidery designs included!

All sizes XS - 6XL included!

BB Matinée      EURO 17.00

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Five Frontier Shirts

This package includes three 19th century shirt styles and two which are suitable for the modern cowboy (and cowgirl!) as well. All styles are available in gents' and ladies' sizes: lace-front, square bib, shaped bib, contrast yoke, and traditional bull's-head yoke. Pattern includes historical information and instructions for piped trim and "smile" pockets.  View Styles.

All sizes inlcuded: Ladies bust size 78-95 cm, Gents chest size 90-115 cm.
FW212     EURO 19.95

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1880's Vests

Warmth, extra pockets and the freedom of mobility, these sleeveless "waistcoats" allowed them. This were some of the very practical reasons these suit vests were popular among the 1880's Westerners. This package includes all instruction for fabric and leather and four different vest styles.

Also a wonderful addition for 19th c. street wear of the european gentleman.

All sizes XS-XXL (Chest 86-145 cm = 34 - 58") included.

BB Vests       EURO 14.00

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Gentleman's Frock Coat

Wether you are a cowboy, preacher or desperado, this classic gentleman's coat features the elegant tailored lines that reflect the spirit of the late 19th Century. An essential for finishing off your sunday go-to-meeting outfit, it is characterized by its 3/4 lenght. Also includes instructions for fitting ladies.

All sizes (Chest 85 - 150 cm =34 - 60") included!

BB Gentleman’s Fock       EURO 18.00

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This pattern is true to the style developed by the federal government for issue during the Civil War and was favoured by U.S. and Conferderate forces alike. Complete with watch pocket and suspender buttons.

Includes fitting tips for ladies.

All sizes (Waist 70 - 130 cm = 28 - 52") enthalten!

BB Britches       EURO 14.00

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Broadfall Pants / Pantalons

These pants feature a high waist and can be worn with or without suspenders.Options for traditional or modern seat and instructions for making the pants up from leather are included.

All sizes (Waist 75 - 135 cm = 30 - 54") included!

BB Broadfall Pants       EURO 14.00

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Longhunter's Leather Accessories

The leather items in this pattern were all used by Roger's Rangers, other para-military personnel and by the woodsmen and longhunters of what was to become the Eastern United States. Included is a Shooting Pouch, Haversack-Knapsack, Bayonet and Tomahawk Belt Carriage, Eastern style Leggings and Leather Gaiters.

PM98       EURO 15.00