Spencer 1800
  NP E401

A tribute to late 18th / early 19th century love for military fashion, this becoming Spencer Jacket translates male styles into a very femine garment. It accents the high empire waistline while featuring a high stand-up collar, lapels and an open front. Our model is based on an extand garment in a french collection. It has been given a date of about 1801, which is confirmed by turn of the century fashion plates. The collar, lower edge and sleeve edges can be embroiderd or decorated with wool Soutache trim. The design is included in the pattern.

Sizes US 10-18 , UK 12-20, France 42-46 (Bust 88 - 104 cm = 35-41 1/2).

NP E401    EURO 16.00

The original Spencer



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Wool Soutache
Metre     EURO 3.50

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each    EURO 9.00