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Ladies' Victorian Corset Cover, Petticoat and Bustle

The Corset Cover has four darts, front and back, and a square neck. It buttons down the front and can be made with or without sleeves.
1886 bustle is stuffed and has no wires. There are three main pieces: Under stay, support pad, and outer channels. It has a waistband and ties to secure it around the hips. The support pad can be made up alone and used as a small bustle. The shape of the bustle can be used for the periods 1870-1876 and again 1883-1887.

Petticoat in Three Lengths -
1870 to early 1900’s - has no darts in the front and back yokes, seams at side front, sides, side back, center back and gathered back panels. Back opening has placket with buttons. There are three different length options: Walking skirt (ankle length), short train length (6 inches longer in back), and long train length (12 inches longer in back). The petticoat is designed to fit under
Pattern #101 Five Gore Skirt.

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All Sizes (2-36) included (= Bust 71,5 - 145 cm / 28 1/2 - 58", Waist 52,5 - 125 cm / 21 - 50").

LM102    EURO 16.00

Victorian Hoops and Bustles

All views are copies of extant period hoops and bustles.

View A is a bell shaped hoop skirt popular from 1856-1863 and 1869 and 1876.

View B is an “elliptic” skirt 1863-1871.

View C is a bustle, hoop and train supporter 1869-1876, 1883-1889.

View D and E bustles were worn during the second bustle period of 1883-1889.

View F is a bustle pad worn throughout the Victorian and into the Edwardian periods. More information and resources are contained in the pattern.

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All Sizes (4-36) included (=  Waist 55 - 125 cm / 22 - 50").

LM112    EURO 19.00



Ladie's Patterns - please choose:

Men's Patterns 1830 - 1919



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Embroidered Apron 1900

A classic apron - the pride of every housewife. Floor-lenght, decorated with ruffles, ribbons and embroidery, this style is sure to be a stunner!

Based on a german pattern from 1900.

One size.

NPE105 EURO 12.99

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Combination Underwear

This is a chemise and drawers combined into one garment. This style of underwear first appeared in 1876, and was very popular due the reduction in bulk at the waist of a more fitted type of undergarment. Very comfortable to wear and veristile, this underwearis indespensible for the reenactor of all periods. With 3 different necklines, this garment can be used under virtually any dress, both day and evening styles. The crotch seam is left open and is finished with facings. The legs are finished with a simple band below the knee. The center front closes with buttons.

All sizes included.

TV105    EURO 13.00

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Chemise and Drawers

These undergarments are easily made. Taken from an original pattern of 1885, the chemise fits well under off-the-shoulder evening wear as well as day wear. The neckline is low and wide, and fitted with a drawstring ribbon.

The drawers have a semi-fitted waistband with side button closures. A drawstring back allows for easy fitting. The crotch seam is left open and is finished with facings. The legs are finished with a band and ruffle, just below the knee.

Sizes M-XL (Bust 75-130 cm = 30-52") included.

TV102    EURO 16.00

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Two Edwardian Combinations

A combination is a corset cover and petticoat or drawers sewn together at the waist with a waist band or ribbon tie. These two styles of undergarments were used until WWI and go perfectly with PP106 Edwardian Corset 1901-1908.

Sizes for Bust 75 - 132,5 cm (30 - 53") and Waist 55 - 120 cm (22 - 48") included.
PP107    EURO 15.00

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Edwardian Underwear

This Edwardian Underwear pattern includes a Chemise, open French Drawers and Corset Cover. The chemise has a square neck and gathers onto a yoke, at both front and back. The drawers can made with a round leg or shaped leg rising to a point on the outside. A straight ruffle can be added to either of the leg styles, or a handkerchief flounce can be added to the shaped leg. The corset cover can be made with ruffles across the front, or left plain. It can have shoulder straps and a false yoke for daytime, or be cut low with ribbon straps for evening wear, and either with or without ruffles across the front. The corset cover and drawers can also be sewn to the same waistband to make a Combinations. With so many variations available, this pattern should be able to serve all your Edwardian underwear needs.

All sizes included (Bust 75 - 140 cm = 30 - 56", Waist 55 - 120 cm = 22 - 48").
TVE02    EURO 17.00

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1870s-1890s Victorian Collars and Cuffs

A fine assortment of chemisettes and cuffs, suitable for the 1870's. Collars I and J are suitable for the 1880s and 1890s. These chemisettes are perfect for filling in a low cut diner bodice, making it more suitable for day wear. Or they can add interest to a more conservative neckline. The cuffs can fill out wide sleeves, or give a nice finish to a narrow sleeve.

Sizes Neck 30-40 cm =  12-16" included.

TV104     EURO 13.00

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Ladies' Victorian Underwear 1837-1899

If you wonder which corset goes with what chemise - look no further. This pattern has the widest size range, the most complete instructions and illustrations, and all the pieces are in one package! The package contains: two corset styles, chemise and drawers appropriate for the Victorian period (1837 -1899).

View A, the Dore Corset is a straight seam corset with 5 pieces on each side and has B, C, and D Cup. View B, the Silverado Corset has bust gores with 6 main pattern pieces and 2 bust gores on each side for cup size A through 4D. Both corsets can be made up plain or fancy. The open drawers have a pointed waistband in front and a drawstring closure with 6 tucks and lace trim at the hems. The sleeveless chemise has a yoke with a front opening and 6 tucks at the hem with lace trim.

All notions are available from our "Corsetry" department.


All Sizes (6-26) included (= Bust 77,5 - 122 cm/ 30,5 - 48", Waist 58,5 - 101,5 cm / 23 - 40").

LM100    EURO 19.00

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Supplement Victorian Underwear 1837-1899 - Plus Sizes

Plus size tissue takes the Dore Corset from the pattern LM100 Victorian Underwear from size 26 to size 40. This does not replace the pattern itself and does not contain envelope, instructions or sizes 6-24, but is an addition to pattern LM100. This tissue takes the corset from bust size 48 to 62 inches (120-155 cm)!

All notions are available from our "Corsetry" department.

Sizes 26-40 = Brustumfang 120 cm - 155 cm.

LM100Supplement     EURO 7.00

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1865-1880 Mid-Victorian Corset

Based on an original from Harper’s Bazar this pattern will produce a lovely corset of the third quarter of the 19th Century. Features individualized lenght, including hip and bust gusset. Comes with historic notes, sewing techniques and decoration ideas. Cover Image

5 Sizes from XS-Full (=XXL) for Bust 75 - 155 cm (30 - 62") and Waist 55 - 140 cm (22 - 56") included.
MM1870-1    EURO 14.00

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1880 Late Victorian Corset

This corset pattern is taken from an original pattern found in the May 31, 1886 issue of De Gracieuce, a Dutch magazine similar to Harpers Bazzar. It was published in several other magazines of the time as well, including La Mode Illustre and Harpers Bazzar. This pattern has been modified slightly to accommodate the different cup sizes and modern body types, but retains most of the original proportions and elegance of the original garment. A wonderful and stylish alternative to the popular "Victorian Underwear" pattern.

All notions are available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes included: Bust 70 - 132 cm, Waist 47,5 - 112,5 cm, A-DD Cup.

TV110    EURO 14.00

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1870-1895 Corset

This long corset is suitable for the experienced corset maker. A beautiful styles just perfect for the last decades of the 19th Century. Features individualized lenght, a wide gap area is figured in for you. Comes with historic notes, sewing techniques and decoration ideas. Cover Image Photo by Mantua Maker

Sizes for Bust 75 - 132,5 cm (30 - 53") and Waist 55 - 120 cm (22 - 48") included.
MM1880-12    EURO 14.00

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1880-1890s Late Victorian Corset

Achieve the proper "Hour Glas" silhouette by wearing this beautiful corset underneath your victorian outfit. Pattern was pulled from an extant corset made from black satin weave coutil, trimmed with a narrow purple satin ribbon.

Notions: 14 m steel boning, 72 closing caps and a corset busk. All are available from our "Corsetry" department.

Sizes (US 8-26, Bust 78 - 118 cm (31 1/2 - 47 1/2") and Waist 55 - 140 cm (24 1/2 - 39 1/2") included.
PP213    EURO 12.00

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Underbust Corsets 1894-1909

Views A and B are ladies’ corsets and View C is a man’s. View A is a ribbon corset, which is constructed of alternating pieces of fabric and ribbon. It has a busk in the front and lacing in the back. The bones are placed between two layers of fabric. This corset was popular from about 1899 to 1909. View B is a one layer corset girdle made with coutil with a busk in front, lacing in back, and boning tape. The dates for this corset are about 1894-1909. View C is a gentleman’s corset made with coutil, a busk, lacing in back, and boning tape. Gentlemen wore corsets in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

All notions are available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes (Ladies: 4-36, Gents: 22-64 = Ladies: underbust 60 - 130 cm = 24 - 52", waist 55 - 125 cm = 22 - 50" / Gents: chest 65 - 170 cm = 26 - 68", waist 55-160 cm = 22 - 64") included.

LM113    EURO 16.00

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Edwardian Corset 1901-1908

This corset was all the rage during the early years of the 20th C. It will give you the typical S-Silhouette of that time. It is straight in front and held closed by a corset busk, while the back is curved and the hips pushed back. The cut of the "Straight-Fronted" Corset is said to have been invented by Inez Gaches-Sarrautes - a french woman with a degree in medicine - at the turn of the century. It was considered a "Health Corset" because it was designed not to compress the waist or chest. Despite Mme. Gaches-Sarrautes efforts to create a "Health Corset", the fashionable women still tightened the waist so much so that the health effects were of course lost.

All notions are available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes (8-26) included.

PP106    EURO 16.00

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1903 Edwardian Corset

This corset pattern is based on the styles seen in 1903. It has the low, full bust and long hip needed to create the "pigeon breast" look that was popular from 1902 - 1909. The corset is available in three heights: high bust, medium bust, and low bust, and comes in bust sizes A-DD.  The hip is in three lengths:  long, medium, and short.  Also included are patterns for a hip pad and bust forms, which are needed to help finish out the figure. The instructions are for a single layer corset, which was the most typical of the period.  

Suitable for A - DD Cup, Sizes (Bust 70 - 154 cm = 28 - 58" and Waist 47,5 - 145 cm = 19 - 54") included.
TVE 01   EURO 15.00

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1910 Corset

This pattern shows you how to create a 1910s longline corset, as worn by most women in the early 20th century. Our pattern was taken from an original corset in our collection. The typical teens corset is single layered, made of cotton fabric and constructed with lap seams only. The longline style was designed to give a smooth curvy silhouette under tightly fitted hobble skirts. Supports the bust! Details

7 Sizes - professionally graded - german size 34 (US 4-UK 6-Fr 36) - 46 (US 16-UK 18-Fr 48) (Bust 80-104 cm = 32-41 1/2") and Waist 62 -  86 cm = 25-34 1/2") included.
   EURO 14.00

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Bustle 1883-1888

The perfect support for your victorian outfit. Easy to construct and much more comfortable than a large bustle. Collapsable.

You need 5 m steel boning tape and 16 closing caps, available from our "Corsetry" department.

One size (fits US 6-14).

NPE 08     EURO 14.00

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Grand Bustle

This petticoat bustle is based on an actual garment as seen in Harper's Bazaar magazine. This pattern will create a large sized bustle, perfect for the large, almost hoop-like fashions of 1869-1875. This petticoat has a center front closure, and 5 hoop bones built into the back, and two bones around the entire hem. This design allows for structural support for heavy skirts combined with ease of movement and wearability (you can sit down without making any adjustments to the bustle!!) This petticoat will also fold flat for ease of storage.

Notions: 8 m metal boning and 20 metal caps, available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes included: S-XXL (Hip 75 - 130 cm)

TV108    EURO 11.50

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Petticoat with Wire Bustle

This petticoat bustle is based on an actual garment as seen in Harper's Bazaar magazine. This pattern will create a moderate sized bustle, proportioned to your hip size (one size does not fit all). It can be used as support for either 1870's or 1880's style of bustle dress. When combined with the flounce overlay, no other petticoat is needed. This petticoat has a center front closure, and four hoop bones built into the back. This design allows for structural support for heavy skirts combined with ease of movement and wearability (you can sit down without making any adjustments to the bustle!!) This petticoat will also fold flat for ease of storage.

No other bustle pattern can offer this amount of comfort and style. Just put it on and forget it.

Notions: 7 m metal boning and 20 metal caps, available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes included: S-XXL (Hip 75 - 140 cm)

TV101    EURO 16.00

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1873 Bustle

This long, narrow bustle shape was used to define skirt lines during the 1870s. The “fishtail”-style bustle can be adjusted for the fuller silhouette of the early 1870s or the narrower silhouette of the decade’s later years. Comes with detailed instructions and historical notes! Details

One size fits all.

POH1873    EURO 9.00

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1887 Imperial Tournure

A big and strong bustle, based on the lobster tail design. It has 7 wires in total with the upper ones set in an angle in fan shape, which gives you a round outline to your bustle and plenty of strenght to support your heaviest skirts, as the manufacturer emphasises. Ending a little above the knee, this bustle folds up easily to male sitting in any chair effortless. It has side panels that wrap around the body in front, which holds the bustle perfectly in place, and keeps it from shifting.

You require: 4 m steel boning tape 11 mm for small, 5 m for medium and 6 m for large sizes. Available from our "Corsetry" department.

All sizes included (Waist 50 - 115 cm = 20 - 46").
TV163    EURO 15.00

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Lovey Mary Sun Bonnet

Fabric Bonnets were worn by european as well as overseas women and girls during the second half of the 19th and early 20th Century, providing sun protection on all outdoor activities, be it leisure or work. Suitable for Prairie Bonnets as seen in "Little House on the Prairie".

This pattern is based on an american antique pattern. The name derives from the novel „Lovey Mary“ by Alice Hegan Rice, published in 1903 in the The Century Magazine, so the pattern should be of slightly later date.

One Size.

NPE308    EURO 12.50